Japanese most viral Ping Pong trick shots

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Added: 18-05-2017
Views: 444 | Runtime: 3m 14s
Video Description:
This funny video compilation from 2016 shows highly skilled Japanese player /nTakkyuu Geinin and his friends performing incredible ping pong trick shots /nperfectly. They are beyond professional ping pong players. Their skills /nshow them to be absolute masters of the sport. I've seen some epic /nbasketball trick shots and water bottle flip trick shots but this some next /nlevel insane skills. But add the comedy elements and this video is just /nawesome. The ending is just perfect and a very nice touch too. I will never /nlook at the humble game of table tennis the same way ever again. Personally /nI think this is way better than any Dude Perfect Ping Pong Trick Shot /nvideo.
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